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04.08.2020, LINK GmbH

The new miniature door loop M 13 35 can be unobtrusively built in to any window or door profile. The space-saving diagonal installation method is a better fit into the window or door rebate. Since the profiles only require minimal milling during installation, the stability of the windows or doors is maintained. In addition, tilt and turn windows retain their full functionality and can be removed by disconnecting the connector without much installation effort.

The flexible 6-core cable consists of 6 cores measuring 0.34 mm² (max. 3 A current loading). The voltage loading is maximum 48 V.

All benefits at a glance: 

  • Uncomplicated installation in common windows and door profiles without milling
  • 6 power cables
  • Smallest size
  • Detachable plug connection with locking screw
  • Tilt-and-turn windows retain their full functionality
  • IP 67

Download Specificatios (Data sheet_M_13_35_LINK_DEU_ENG.pdf) 

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