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Advancement in the field of non-contacting transmitters

04.08.2020, LINK GmbH

The EKOM 22 allows glass-break detectors, opening detectors (magnetic contacts) and alarm wire loops to be contactlessly connected to an intrusion alarm control. It is an electronic switch with
inductive signal transmission.

The EKOM 22 is suitable for monitoring windows, doors, French doors, sliding doors, and gates with wicket doors. It can be installed directly in the window or door leaf and in the frame. The EKOM 22 transmitter is mounted in the frame of the window/door/gate to be monitored – it is connected to the central unit via a 6-wire cable. The receiver is mounted on the opposite, movable side of the window/door/gate. Up to 10 passive glassbreak detectors, an alarm wire loop or magnetic contacts can be connected to the four accessible connections.

The 6-wire cable for connecting the transmitter to the intrusion alarm control includes the power supply lines and a wire connection
for a monitored alarm group. The EKOM 22 is certified according to VdS Class C.

The EKOM 11 electronic contactless transmitter, which has long been tried and tested in the intruder alarm technology market, has been thoroughly enhanced to comply with the highest security level according to VdS Class C, which is particularly important for installation in sliding doors and door and window elements, for example. The EKOM 22 can be installed directly in the window or door/gate leaf and in the frame. With its small dimensions, it is unobtrusive and easy to fit. In contrast to comparable products, the EKOM 22 does not require any additional evaluation unit to be mounted.

All benefits at a glance: 

  • Certification according to VdS Class C
  • Significantly more durable than wired transmission systems or current transmitter contacts
  • Maintenance requirements are much lower due to the contactless transmission, since there is no mechanical stress or contact
  • Simple and flexible installation saves time and effort
  • Less material use as there is no need to fit an additional evaluation unit

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