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Visibly robust opening state monitoring

13.08.2020, LINK GmbH

Block-type Surface-mounted Magnetic Contact “MK 48 S G3 BK/BKS/BM/BMS”

Hidden installations of covered safety sensors are not always the right choice, for instance in well frequented buildings with doors that are constantly in use, heavy safety doors or roller shutters, or for windows, doors and gates that require a high level of security. These systems should be as robust as possible, but also as visible as possible to act as a deterrent. With that in mind, LINK GmbH has added a surface-mounted magnetic contact with a robust block design to its range of magnetic contacts for monitoring openings on windows, doors and gates.

The block housing for the surface-mounted magnetic contact has a visually appealing smooth surface. It is available in glass fibre-reinforced plastic and solid die-cast zinc versions. The die-cast zinc housing in particular offers maximum durability and is ideal for installation on steel doors and safety doors, for instance. Since there is only one housing section on the switch and installation side, another benefit of the block-type surface-mounted magnetic contact is that it is easier and quicker to install than its modular equivalents.

LINK offers a number of different variants of the product based on customer requirements: With a protective tube (for roller shutters, for instance), with integrated resistors and with multi-coloured wires (EN conformity/EN-ST-000004) or wires of the same colour (VdS requirement/G109044). Available accessories include a mounting bracket set for different installation conditions along with screws, washers and nuts for compensating for differences in level or rotating the switch or magnet 90 degrees.

Alongside VdS class C and EN 50131-2-6 grade 3, LINK also supplies the surface-mounted magnetic contact with country-specific certificates for use in countries such as France.


The Variants of the Block-style Surface-mounted Magnetic Contact:

Plastic housing (white)

MK 48 S G3 BK ws – without protective tube

MK 48 S G3 BKS ws – with protective tube

MK 48 S G3 F BK ws – multi-coloured wires/without protective tube

MK 48 S G3 F BKS ws – multi-coloured wires/with protective tube


Metal housing (silver)

MK 48 S G3 BM si – without protective tube

MK 48 S G3 BMS si – with protective tube

MK 48 S G3 F BM si – multi-coloured wires/without protective tube

MK 48 S G3 F BMS si – multi-coloured wires/with protective tube


Block-type surface-mounted magnetic contacts are available with cable lengths of 2 m, 6 m and 10 m. The length of the protective tube is 930 mm (stainless steel).
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